Lightening Cream

Lightening Cream (30ml)

ERIKEH LIGHTENING CREAM has a unique mechanism of action for optimal and safe skin lightening: Inhibition of key Steps of the melanin synthesis and pigmentation process:
Tyrosinase activity in melanocytes &melanosome maturation decrease
Erikeh lightening cream has a different mechanism compared to "traditional" direct tyrosinase inhibitors on the market. Its high capacity to decrease melanogenesis is linked to a decrease of tyrosinase activity in melanocytes and also to an action on maturation of melanosomes via decrease of PMEL17 gene expression. 
Thanks to its formulation's free radical scavenger SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE for its acceleratory and synergistic effects with others lightener ingredients.

Apply 2-3 times daily. Follow your treatment with Erikeh sunscreen SPF50.

Pisum Sativum, Sucrose Dilaurate, Glutamyl Histamine, Vitamin C